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Create a cleaning company

Are you planning to start a cleaning company? Congratulations! That’s a good idea. In addition, you do not need a specific diploma to start a cleaning business. Currently, cleaning companies represent a great potential for activity in private individuals but also in companies.

First of all, starting a cleaning business is like starting any other business. Indeed, you must have a know-how, a forecast and good ideas of marketing strategy. Here are a few steps to starting your cleaning business.

-Set up a cleaning company
-Choose the activity of your cleaning company
-Now is the time, you need to make a decision about the nature of your cleaning company’s activity. Either you direct it towards an offer intended for:

Private companies (we will talk about a Business to Business offer),
Régies, very numerous in France,
Individuals. You will then be able to apply for approval to accept CESU-type job vouchers.

This choice is not neutral, as it will have an impact on:

Working hours. Companies generally prefer nocturnal interventions, thus avoiding disrupting their own staff. Individuals will prefer the day from Monday to Friday,

The level of quality or presentation of your staff. In particular, private clients are much more demanding because they entrust their personal accommodation,

The level of invoicing you will practice. For information, most companies recover VAT, which is not the case for private individuals.
Determine the services you offer.

Not all cleaning companies are Multi-Spot and prefer to specialize in one type of cleaning. Remember to specialize in relation to market demand and your available resources. There are various services with which you can complete your cleaning offer:

-Windows / windows,
-Floor/ carpet cleaning,
-Cleaning of condominiums, control rooms,
-Hospitals, health facilities: pay attention to the regulations and standards that your company must meet.
-Start your own cleaning business

Start your business
Being part of a franchise can offer interesting advantages such as security and increased stability. However, you will have to pay a consideration to the franchisor. It is up to you to measure the balance between the higher development and the additional cost associated with a cleaning franchise.

Define your space before creating a cleaning company
Select a space dedicated to your business, a room in your apartment can be just as sufficient as the rental of a commercial space. Think carefully about your obligations and needs before you decide.

The commercial premises, a higher cost but easier contact with customers,
A sign, creation of a brand image for recognition,
The choice of your home as an office, more complicated storage, but significant savings.

Define your brand
Your name and brand image should look professional and at the same time stay ahead. As such, make sure:

To be the only one to use this name and your ease of being found in order to be able to offer your services,
That the domain name is not already taken,
And that it hasn’t already been registered by another business,
Create your logo, simple, modern, neat and neat in order to distribute it on all your media (mail / web / flyers / business card, tshirts,…)
set up a cleaning company

Find a legal status
The choice of a legal form will be made very quickly. Several situations may arise:

Are you compensated by Pôle Emploi? The choice of a commercial company can be very interesting because you can combine both your monthly compensation from Pôle Emploi and the turnover of your company. Do you have a question?

You are not compensated and you start very slowly? The choice of microenterprise (new name for selfentrepreneurship) can be a start. But it is generally not the best solution for harmonious development.
Make sure you do!

Being well insured is of paramount importance. You or one of your employees can damage a customer’s home. This can be very expensive for a company that does not have liability insurance. Read more on innovative cleaning services in our website.


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