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How to Add Gadgets to the Blogger Mobile Version

It is possible to place gadgets in your blog’s cell phone template and thus keep people longer on your site. Normally the Blogger already offers some models of layout for cell phone, smartphone and tablet, but a small alteration of HTML we can add any gadget in the version of our blog for cell phone (mobile version).

Add Gadgets to the Blogger Mobile Version

Before starting to add the gadget you want to use in the mobile version (cell phone, smartphone) of the blog. Between the model page and click on the gearing image below your blogger’s mobile template, choose the option to customize and save the alterations.

How to Add Gadgets to the Blogger Mobile Version

Now click on the Edit HTML button and look for the gadget code (such as achar o código do gadget) that you want to show in the mobile version and add the code: mobile=’yes’.

For example, the case of the gadget markers or code will ficará deste jeito:

Now the bookmarks gadget will also appear in the smartphone version of your blog. If you want to show some gadget only on your cell phone instead of using the word and the code change only, then that gadget will not appear in your blog in the web version, but it will appear on your cell phone, in this case, the physical code like that:

Didn’t work on my blog

In some tests that we do when we alter the custom template model for the mobile phone did not work properly, that is, it appears more or less the same template for the web (common template), but it is exchanged for any template that the blogger standard works.

Unfortunately, your case will have to choose between using your current template or using template gadgets for your blog’s mobile phone. We are not saying that it would be impossible to correct this mistake, but it varies for each template and you need to understand HTML and make tests to correct the problem.

Is a Version for Cellular Blogging Important?

Maybe you are wondering what the importance of blog gadgets is on your cell phone or spending time with your blog’s cell phone template. So we want to ask you a question: What is the percentage of visits via mobile (cell phone and tablet) to your blog?

If you don’t know the answer and make some time you don’t know the statistics of the visitor counter on that start a beep before you look. I believe that it will be surpassed (Where do you see the visits to the blog? Web, Images or Cell?). Then compare the statistics from the previous year and you will see that there was a big increase in the number of visits via cell phone.

To finish a letterhead about the loading time of the site, maybe you are testing this on your blog using wi-fi internet in your home, but remember that most people use mobile internet which is very slow, so don’t exaggerate our gadgets in the mobile version of your blog.


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